Plastic Mould Steel Suppliers Mumbai


P-20 Tool Steel

P-20 STEEL is a pre hardened high tensile tool steel which offers ready machineability in the hardened and tempered condition, therefore does not require further heat treatment . This eliminates the risks, cost, and waiting time of heat treatment thus avoiding the associated possibility of distortion or even cracking. Subsequent component modifications can easily be carried out.

Sizes : P-20 is available from stock in round bar, flat bar and plate.

Applications : Plastic moulds, mould frames for plastic moulds and pressure casting dies, recipient sleeves.

Grades – 1.2311 & 1.2378

Sr. No. Products
1. P - 20 (1.2311)
2. P - 20+Ni (1.2738)
3. P - 20+S (1.2312)
4. AISI 420